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Hello, I'm Lauren! Welcome to my online gallery of works. I completed undergrad at Pratt Institute in May 2017 with a BFA in painting, and a double-minor in ceramics /art history. 

The majority of my paintings are created from personal, touching experiences in my life. The titles may hint to that specific moment in time, the subject's name / place, or the feelings that inspired it. I have always paid close attention to elements such as light, detail, high contrast, motion, and pattern. When standing afar my work appears more representational. But when viewing close up it is quite abstract. Every brushstroke is visible and the history of the work's layers show. I believe my paintings are best described as a happy-medium between realism and abstraction.

Please email if you have any gallery showing inquiries or would like to commission a new piece. You may also reach me on my social media links below.

Thank you for your support!

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